La Fonderie

  1. Fatman and Little Boy
  2. (Intro To) Dust Bowl
  3. Dust Bowl
  4. To the Last Man
  5. Wilbur’s Rise
  6. Another Sun
  7. Lt. Onoda

The Sound Catalogues - vol ONE

Carlo Muscat (saxophone, compositions), Sandro Zerafa (guitar), Daniele Raimondi (trumpet), Joe Debono (piano), Mátyás Szandai (doublebass) and Lionel Boccara (drums).

Enregistrement : Studio Sextan le 8 mai 2014 Vincent Mahey assistant Clément Labre
Mixage : Avatar Studio New York

’The Sound Catalogues’ is an exciting artistic concept which leads to the making of various ’catalogues’ which record inspiring events, figures, eras, inventions, and more, using musical composition and performance as a means of artistic expression. This first volume takes into account a series of historic events. By creating a set of contemporary compositions, the emotions related to each event are explored and allowed to resurface, having each event catalogued as an album track.
These works have been recorded at Studio Sextan in Paris, France.