La Fonderie

ABUC - Roberto Fonseca

Produced by Roberto Fonseca, Count and Daniel Florestano

Executive Producer : Daniel Florestano
Associate Executive Producer : Arantza Benito Melgar
Additional Production by Philippe Cohen Solal on Contradanza del Espíritu and Family
Recorded by : Marc Damble at Science & Melodie (Paris, France), Count at Sextan Studios (Paris, France) and Studio C (New Orleans, US), Julien Basseres at Studio Meudon (Paris, France), Jules Fradet at Dada Studios (Brussels, Belgium), Adolfo Martinez Rodriguez “Fito” at EGREM San Miguel (Havana, Cuba), Delio Ferrero Morira and Carlos Hevia González at Studios Scorpio (Havana, Cuba).
Local production in Cuba : Sergio Llinás Carrillo
Mixed & Mastered by Count -
Editing : Bethany Wycoff
Arrangements by Roberto Fonseca
Horn arrangements on Afro Mambo & Cubano Chant by Joaquin Betancourt
Horn arrangements on Family & Tierra Santa by Mark Mullins
Horn arrangements on Contradanza del Espíritu by Javier Zalva
Pent House Mambo sampler of Orquesta Riverside from album “Mambo en La Habana” (Egrem) on Afro Mambo.
Yoruba´s praying sampler of Lazaro Ros from Moyugba to Egguns on Tierra Santa.
Trombone Shorty appears courtesy of Blue Note Records
Daymé Arocena appears courtesy of Brownswood Recordings