La Fonderie

  1. Belleville la nuit
  2. Boayan
  3. Treinta de marzo
  4. Fresia
  5. Amélie’s monkey dance
  6. La flor de la canela
  7. Lament for freedom
  8. A human story
  9. Nuevo mundo
  10. Fresia (duo with Minino Garay)

Nuevo Mundo - Manu Guerrero

Manu Guerrero, piano, compositions
Samy Thiebault, saxophone
Minino Garay, percussions
Felipe Cabrera, bass
Lukmil Perez, drums

Produced by Manu Guerrero
Recorded on March 13,14,15, 2017
Recorded and mixed by Vincent Mahey at Studio Sextan, Malakoff, FRANCE
Assistant Engineer : Arthur Gouret
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin at Studio J.RAPH ing, Cordes sur Ciel, France
Videos by Pauline Penicaud
Photography by Kan
Graphic design by Guillaume Saix -