Just a matter of time – Perle Solvès

Music & Lyrics: Perle Solvès
Except for « Just a matter of time » (Track 1) – Music: Perle Solvès, Lyrics: Perle Solvès & Lucy

Singing: Perle Solvès
Guitar: Leo-Kelly-Gee
Bass: Benoît Dunoyer De Segonzac
Drums: Julie Saury
Piano: Alban Sautour

Artistic direction: Alban Sautour
Mix and Mastering : Alban Sautour
Recorded and mixed at Studio Sextan by Alban Sautour

1. Just a matter of time
2. Where’ve all the butterflies gone?
3. The lost leaf
4. Wake up Call
5. Towards life

Photo: Didier Ferry

Just a matter of time:

EPK (English – Fr Subtitles)

EPK (Français)

  • 04/09/2020