Kyle Eastwood – IN TRANSIT

Kyle Eastwood

Kyle Eastwood : Double bass, electric bass
Brandon Allen : Tenor saxophone
Quentin Allen : Trumpet, flugelhorn
Andrew Mc Cormack : Piano
Chris Higginbottom : Drums
special guest
Stefano Di Battista : Soprano saxophone on Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme), Alto saxophone on Night Flight, Blues in Hoss’Flat and Boogie Stop Shuffle

Produced by Kyle Eastwood
Blues in Hoss’Flat and Boogie Stop Shuffle arranged by Brandon Allen

Recorded in April 2017 by Vincent Mahey with Arthur Gouret, studio Sextan La Fonderie, Malakoff, France
Studio Assistant : Morgan Beaulieu
Piano tuning : Jean-Michel Daudon
Mixed in May and June 2017 by Vincent Mahey with Kyle Eastwood, studio Sextan 2

Mastered in June 2017 by Raphaël Jonin, J RAPH i.n.g, Cordes-sur-ciel, France
Executive producer : Pascal Bussy


  1. Soulful Times
  2. Rush Hour
  3. Movin’
  4. Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme)
  5. Night Flight
  6. We See
  7. Rockin’ Ronnie’s
  8. Jarreau
  9. Blues In Hoss’s Flat
  10. Boogie Stop Shuffle
  • 22/11/2018